What is Human Design?

Human design is a synthesis of Astrology, Kabbalah, I Ching, Chakras & Physics. What it creates is a comprehensive map of our energetic bodies using each of these modern and ancient sciences. 

In 1987 Ra Uru Hu (also known as Alan Robert Krakower) had an unusual spiritual experience that lasted 8 days and nights. In this time he was visited by a Voice which relayed the information to him for the Human Design System. In an essence Ra channelled this information from the collective consciousness. Ra Uru Hu made it his life's mission to spread the information and magic of Human Design with as many people as he could.

Human Design is your energetic blueprint. It outlines how you share, transmute and use the energy of the universe. It is a powerful self-awareness tool that when used correctly can allow you to work smarter, understand yourself on a deeper level and set up energetic boundaries.



In the 75 minute call (voice recording option is available if you can't make it live) Kass will outline:

✔️ Your energetic type

✔️ How to embody your strategy & authority to live your life in alignment with your energetic body

✔️ Your profile which tells us how you learn, teach, your karma and your personality

✔️ The 4 transformation centres which will tell you how you manifest, should eat, how regularly you should move your furniture, how your brain works and how you see the world.

✔️ Your defined and undefined centres and teach you about the not-self themes for each

✔️ Your channels and gates, how they manifest in your life and how to best work with your energy to embody their highest potential 

✔️ Finishing off with your Incarnation Cross which tells us your soul's purpose in this lifetime


By the end of the call or recording you will understand yourself through an enlightened lense and walk away with the knowledge on how you can continue to embody your highest potential everyday.

You also receive a 20+ page document which outlines everything we discuss and a copy of the call if it's live.


If you want to discover how your body works best on an energetic level then a Human Design reading will give you the answers.


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